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What is Oral Mucositis (OM)?

  • OM is a painful inflammation (swelling, irritation) of the lining of the mouth and throat

  • OM gets worse over time and can be hard to manage



What causes OM?

OM is a common side effect of radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments

What are the symptoms of Oral Mucositis?



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gelX Spray is easy-to-use and protects the lining of the mouth

gelX Spray



How It Works

gelX Spray uses two important ingredients, zinc and taurine.


Together, zinc and taurine create a complex that is known to help hinder and delay inflammation.



gelX Spray - A new solution in the treatment of Oral Mucositis

  • gelX provides a cost- effective alternative to currently used therapies as it :

  • provides effective, rapid & sustained pain relief

  • is reconstituted and ready to use

  • has a simple user friendly dosage regime

  • is easy to apply to targeted sites due to its unique directional applicator

  • is significantly less expensive (at least 65%) than currently used products






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