Arthrum MONO 75 Injection:

ARTHRUM 75 SINGLE INJECTION viscoelastic devices are indicated in the symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, in particular for reducing pain and restoring joint mobility by replacing and supplementing the elastoviscosity of the pathological synovial fluid in osteoarthritic joints. The therapeutic indications are for all types of painful osteoarthitis of the knee : –

Primary osteoarthritis of the knee (Kellgren radiological stages I, II and III) – Osteoarthritis of the knee and associated systemic factors :

Ineffectiveness of the usual treatments;

Intolerance and/or contraindication of NSAIDs or analgesics;

Use of anticoagulants, polymedication (hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems);

Contraindications related to the placement of a prosthesis :

young subjects and various contraindications related to the patient’s condition. – Incipient osteoarthritis of the knee of young subjects. – Knee osteoarthritis secondary to traumas and sequelae of joint fractures.