About Us

A Company Built On solid Foundations
The company has put in place all the supporting functions necessary to ensure it performs effectively. Development has been overseen by a team who have unrivalled experience in the accurate and successful marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and medical devices to GP’s hospitals and relevant healthcare professionals. We are experts in the targeting of products at the UK market. Our turnover is progressively growing since inception. We are successful because we understand our market, we set out to recruit and retain the best people and we deliver on our promises to our employees, our product suppliers and our customers.

We Work With Some Of The World’s leading Organisations
We foster our relationships with our product suppliers carefully We are evolving the company so that our structure, the capabilities of the staff and our reputation in the market place meets their expectations and proves a valuable adjunct to their own organisation. To trust the marketing and sales of a product to a company is a major decision. We have a flexible structure that enables us to supply as much or as little support as our product suppliers’ need. Critically our product suppliers know we have the infrastructure in place to manage and meet all regulatory, Licensing, packaging, distribution and promotional material design and production requirements. Attention to detail and honest and rigorous service standards are our commitment both to our product suppliers and our customers.

We Understand The quirks Of The UK Market
The UK Market is unique, diverse, complex and challenging. Pressures on Health Care Professionals are increasing all the time. The market is immensely valuable and highly competitive. Our values are to remain professional and trusted in order to gain access to those who make purchasing decisions .Every element of our marketing provision aims to enhance our product suppliers’ reputation with customers. Direct mail, press advertising, e-advertising, print. posters, exhibitions, conferences, events and public relations all focus on communicating information quickly, effectively and professionally. We make it our business to know all the relationships in the decision to prescribe or buy a product in each individual geographical area. We are structured to service the UK market as it is, not as some may wish it could be.

Nowhere Is Beyond Our Reach
Our attention to detail extends to our distribution network. We cover every inch of the United Kingdom from Land’s End to the Highlands and Islands. In each area our service is distinctive, reliable and informed. Suppliers of products can trust us to deliver. So to can Hospitals and GP’s. Nobody knows their way round Britain better than MWK Healthcare